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◆ Wide range of applications, especially the traditional stamping method can not be achieved complex structure of the core and micro-core
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Suzhou Fine-Stamping Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing all kinds of motor lamination cores.

The company possesses precise stamping, machining and testing equipments, such as Swiss BRUDERER, Japanese AIDA, YAMADA and German Schuler. Our technical team is experienced and have many-year experience of lamination stamping, aluminium die casting, annealing, welding and glue dispensing.

We make different kinds of motor lamination cores, including motor lamination cores for EV cars, air conditioner compressor of vehicles, EPS of cars, small motors of cars, servo automation motor, home appliance(air-conditioner compressors, washing machines), we own the advanced technology in chain winding lamination and slinky lamination. With the background of Ningbo Zhenyu, we have the state-of-the-art

technology in designing and manufacturing progressive lamination  die with high-speed and multi-station.

Oct.1994 , Zhenyu was established. Lamination die and stamping started.

2012, turned into joint-stock company.

Jan.2013, Fine-Stamping Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd was established.

Aug.2013 , ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 achieved in FST; for the better service and solution, we make it successful in transforming into IATF and finishing certificated ISO14001.

It was started in 2014 that we developed and manufactured lamination die and stamped parts for drive motor of EV cars and industrial automation servo motor.

In 2016, we invested devices for the following processes including tunnel annealing furnace, die-casting facility for rotors, oil-removing machine.

There are 20 professional engineers and technicians in the company,who focus on technical research and development so that best solutions can be provided to customers.All of the new projects are designed by senior engineers to engagein continuous optimization.Therefoer,high quality,high efficency and stable production can be guaranteed.
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        Suzhou Fine-Stamping Machinery Technology Co., Ltd, which was founded in Jan. 2013,was invested by Ningbo Zhenyu Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Established in 1994, is professional manufacturer of progressive lamination die. The total investment of the company is RMB 300 million, and Zhenyu has many precise equipment, such as: